What is A Hurricane?

If you are new to Florida, hurricanes can be a bit of a surprise. They seem to form out of nowhere and wreak havoc on any areas they happen to impact during their short life span. It’s vital to have hurricane protection venice fl area professionals can help provide. But first, what exactly is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a large storm that can produce winds of more than 200 miles per hour. These strong winds have the power to cause damage to cars, homes, buildings, and plant life. They form over warm waters in the ocean that provide the necessary energy to create these storms. Water must typically be above 79 degrees Fahrenheit to form a hurricane, which is getting more likely as ocean temperatures increase.

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Before a storm is a hurricane it is often categorized as a tropical disturbance. This is when rain clouds are building above the surface of warm ocean water. This disturbance gradually becomes a tropical depression as winds reach higher speeds. Once wind speeds reach around 40 miles per hour tropical depressions become tropical storms. A tropical storm is categorized as a hurricane once it reaches 74 mph.

There are five types of hurricanes that are also categorized based on wind speed. Category 1 hurricanes have speeds of 74-95 mph. Category 2 hurricanes can reach up to 110 mph, while category 3 storms can reach up to 129 mph. Category 4 hurricanes can reach a maximum speed of 156 mph, but the fastest of them all are category 5 hurricanes. These have wind speeds of more than 157 mph, similar to the speed of trains travelling at high speeds.

If you’re visiting or planning on moving to Florida, look out for hurricane season and get prepared with an adequate hurricane kit and supplies. Keep an eye on the news for any tropical disturbances that may turn into hurricanes.