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26/05/09 Let's catch up...
So, I've not been posting much, huh? Let's see if I can resolve this.

I've been busy. Very busy. Since my last post a gazillion years ago, I've written a book, had a book cancelled on me, drafted more maps than I care to mention, and drawn a ton of illustrations as well. I've also been working on a bunch of personal projects including my complete rewrite of WFRP and my huge map of the Empire. Lastly, I just received a Japanese copy of Tome of Salvation, which is utterly bizarre, and terribly cool (in a pointless-to-me sort of way).

Anyway, I'm keeping this one brief. I'll make a proper update in the next few days. First, I want to sort my Credits, which fell behind a little as well.

Until next time.

07/09/07 - Do I ever update this place?
I really need to update this page more often!

Anyway, there has been loads happening at my end. I've been working on new maps for Black Library's upcoming Grudgelore book, for Black Industries's Realm of the Ice Queen, and for Dark Heresy's first campaign, Purge the Unclean. I'm now working through the many maps for The Thousand Thrones, which is proving to be loads of fun. I've also recently finished all the maps for the new edition of Dragon Warriors from James Wallis's new venture Magnum Opus Press, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing them in print, as I used to adore Dragon Warriors when I was a kid.

However, far more important than all that is the release of the Tome of Salvation. I not only wrote a massive chunk of that book, but I also did maps and art for it, so absolutely everyone everywhere should buy at least 12 copies. And that's official. Go on, click the links and get buying already!

Anyway, I best get going, I have Games Day to prepare for and a lot of work sitting. So, until next time,